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Hijack Help- "Only The Best."

Now please download the following tool: Pocket KillBox Extract Pocket Killbox to its own folder but do not run it yet. Some tools will help with minor forms of the infections. I really need some help here. The real test of making sure the hijacker is gone is to open and close a couple Internet Explorer browser sessions. http://filealley.com/hijack-help/hijack-help-thanks.html

Already answered in message number 8. PC Games \ System Tools \ Macintosh \ Demonews.Com \ Top Downloads MajorGeeks.Com \ News (Tech) \ Off Base (Other Websites News) \ Way Off Base (Offbeat Stories and Pics) Social: Saving it to your Desktop may make that easy.) Then double-click on the fixhsa.reg file on your desktop (or locate it with Windows Explorer and double click on it if not Discussion in 'Malware Help - MG (A Specialist Will Reply)' started by SWario, Jun 14, 2005. http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/forums/t/9329/only-the-best-hijack/

Do you know anything or have anything to say about the SDHelper function of SpyBot? - I have adjusted my Active X security settings accordingly. - I removed MSJVM and already Post your HJT log so we can identify all the processes related to the hijacker. Press 'OK' until you get back to Windows. About my asking questions, sorry if I seem to be acting difficult about things, but I usually try to be extra sure of stuff before I commit to something with my

About Ad-Aware's ADS: if you would like me to attach the Scan Log, I can since I still have the program sitting at the end of the scan. type services.msc into the box that opens up, and press 'OK'. The program cloned itself so that at least 20 instances of the program were "running" but I could not see the physical window of the program. By the way if you do not use the Viewpoint crap from AOL (most people do not), just go to Add/Remove programs and uninstall them.

EDIT: Also, are the services mentioned in the "READ ME FIRST" lists (Network Security Service, Remote Procedure Call (RPC) Helper, etc.) bad services that should be stopped and disabled no matter If so, what is the message. However, to do a restore (which would erase my programs and media) I would need to first back them up, which I cannot do until either Thursday or this weekend, and SWario, Jun 14, 2005 #4 SWario Sergeant I hate to keep posting new posts, but I keep neglecting to mention things before I click submit, and then want to add them

The registry entries are listed as "OfferOptimizer" and "ShoppingWizard". Attempting to uninstall them from Add/Remove Programs has always resulted in IE or machine freezes. "Search Extender" and "Home Search Assistant"'s uninstall paths point to http://looking-for.cc/uninstall/SearchExtender.html and http://looking-for.cc/uninstall/HomeSearchAssistant.html, respectively (I have When it finishes Click OK. Check the option to Delete on Reboot and Click the RedX and Yes to the confirmation message.

Press 'OK' until you get back to Windows.Click to expand... Research, research your research, confirm it, test it, and THEN actually do it. Also do not make any attempts to run other procedures or scanners to fix anything. That Symantec online Virus scan took forever - at least an hour.

Sorry I have not been around for a couple of days. weblink SWario, Jun 14, 2005 #9 chaslang MajorGeeks Admin - Master Malware Expert Staff Member Please just follow the steps given to you in message # 2. On my laptop, there are three user accounts (when booting in Safe Mode, a fourth, "Administrator", account appears), but my account has full administrative rights, as I am the owner of Next, go back to your HJT windows and select 'Delete an NT Service" Now copy/paste the following into the box that opens, and press "OK": Workstation NetLogon Service If that does

Consider whether you want another full blown spyware blocking program like Microsoft® Windows AntiSpyware (which is free right now) or Spy Sweeper (which is not free). We have had some luck lately using some other procedures but they are written on an individual user PC basis after determining the exact state of the infection. Does this mean that I will or will NOT have to clean those accounts separately?Click to expand... navigate here Does this mean that you get an error message?

Also DO NOT REBOOT OR POWER DOWN after posting your log. As for System Restore points, I would say anything before the beginning of May would be good for me (which I have) except that I might lose some programs or media. For now, I must reboot since explorer.exe crashed and reloaded (but it does not reload correctly) so I will have difficulty with things until I restart.

Attached Files: hijackthis.log File size: 7.3 KB Views: 5 SWario, Jun 23, 2005 #42 chaslang MajorGeeks Admin - Master Malware Expert Staff Member SWario said: I ran the registry patch, but

REGEDIT4 [-HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\HSA] [-HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\SE] [-HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\SW]Click to expand... Every user on a PC has their own folders and registry settings, you need to clean them while logged in as that user. I do not know if a current HJT log is identical or not. There can be many files having ADS on your system.

Should I boot into safe mode to delete those files or should I use Pocket Killbox's "delete on reboot" function? Let's fix the problems. On my laptop, there are three user accounts (when booting in Safe Mode, a fourth, "Administrator", account appears), but my account has full administrative rights, as I am the owner of http://filealley.com/hijack-help/hijack-help-pls.html I will try to remove those problems, remove the user accounts, and then post a new HJT log when I am done.

Now we need to Reset Web Settings: 1) If you have an Internet Explorer icon on your Desktop, goto step 2. I hope they like eating firewall. Then skip step 3. 3) If you do not have an Internet Explorer icon on your Desktop, click Start, Control Panel (for some systems it may be Start, Settings, Control Panel), Are you having any problems (other than those remaining files to delete)?

On another note, my Norton AV ran again (it's scheduled for Fridays) and now found over 40 infected files. Attached Files: hijackthis.log File size: 7.2 KB Views: 1 SWario, Jun 17, 2005 #29 SWario Sergeant I am posting from another computer for now, my laptop is sitting on the other I don't mind losing all of my existing restore points as long as going through these lists will not crash my hard drive or otherwise screw it out of being bootable. Note: ADS spy also displays legitimate ADS streams.

Now get a new HJT log and post it here. When it shows that it is stopped, next please set the 'Start-up Type' to 'Disabled'. A message will ask if you want to reboot now – Click YES and allow your PC to reboot. SWario, Jun 16, 2005 #23 chaslang MajorGeeks Admin - Master Malware Expert Staff Member SWario said: Okay, I got rid of the Norton AV popup about the Trojan (just a LOT

It's an odd quirk I picked up from my dad, who's been working in the telecommunications industry for almost 20 years. chaslang, Jun 14, 2005 #8 SWario Sergeant Sorry again, but something else that I wanted to ask: I've seen in my "Add/Remove Programs" list things such as "Offer Optimizer", "Search Assistant", No I do not need any logs from Ad-aware. Then click yes.

I've also opened and closed IE a few times, and except for it performing a tad slowly, there are no noticeable problems (crazy amounts of popups, or 100% CPU usage). We will get to all of the problems eventually. chaslang, Jun 19, 2005 #36 SWario Sergeant I am not sure, I have not been using IE since the popups started so that I could sort out the problems with less