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HELP.What Does This HJT Report Mean? And How Can I Fix My Computer


I just spoke to Sarah Williams, must be her sister! I am a mark, but would gladly help to get them. After five times of this and a lot of laughter afterward the calls have stopped. Silento | December 9, 2015 | reply Beware of PC SUPPORT KARMA!!! Source

Hope something can be done to put a stop to these scams. This isn't a 1 day battle. A few more Bad word's were spoken to this individual, so I ended the call, again. In addition, the Silver Bullet patch removed all mention of KB 3004394 and KB 3024777 from the list of installed updates. https://forums.techguy.org/threads/help-what-does-this-hjt-report-mean-and-how-can-i-fix-my-computer.234883/

Pop Up Calls For Tech Support

Don’t be the next breach headline; secure your data wherever it lives. My locked computer will still not function after trying many a fix's I found on the internet. It also explains the steps to take to get rid of malware. Somebody reported a bug to me once, and I asked him to try a command that I knew wouldn't work.

for the next few days i was experiencing some problems with my computer but only when i opened internet explorer. She asked if I noticed my computer taking longer to start up and indicated that was because an "online infection" was taking my private information. For the last 3 months I have been getting calls from them from 5 different numbers and one of them is an unknown which I cannot block. Virus Telling Me To Call A Number Cancelled the card.

I inform them each time they call that I know they are scammers and that I will be reporting them to the authorities. I could not get rid of this pop up so I called. I told him to take the blockage off my computer, I don't know why, but he finally did. https://www.consumer.ftc.gov/blog/tech-support-scams-part-2 The number he calls from is 866-856-4811.

it was not until the end of the call when i knew something was up. Your Computer Has Been Hacked Message Just had AT&T come and they put all new boxes including modem and did so because our phone is working but not by att service. Windows 7 automatically creates “previous versions” of your files, but in Windows 8 you will have to manually turn on a feature called File History in order for this to happen. Reverse virus, anyone?

Microsoft Security Team Warning Message

In answer to mrswhatsit, I was seeing this type of scam in firefox for sure and maybe chrome. https://blog.malwarebytes.com/threat-analysis/2014/11/psa-tech-support-scams-pop-ups-on-the-rise/ The scammers use a very similar address to legitimate ones and have toll free numbers. Pop Up Calls For Tech Support only a tech guy who had access to my p.c. I Gave Someone Remote Access To My Computer Call Microsoft Security immediately! 855-986-2244".

To protect your passwords, you could use a different computer, like a computer at your library, to change passwords on your accounts. this contact form and he gave me my name and address!!! Kyle Rassun Whats funny is, I used VirtualBox just to go crazy on downloading malware, and one of those were tech support viruses. If you are not reporting a bug but just asking for help using the program, you should state where you have already looked for the answer to your question. ("I looked Keep Getting Phone Calls About My Computer

The assess to my e-mail was gone and no assess to my face book .This was on Friday afternoon late enough i couldnt call my bank . If you get a call from a place of business asking for personal information HANG up till you get the legit number and call them back. But no matter how you ended up with it, you now have a virus and it’s quickly eating up your PC. http://filealley.com/my-computer/hijacked-computer.html It took me some time to persuade him to try it for real.

Metis You don't know how to spell Nazis do you. Call To Resolve Virus Be careful! I also checked the phone number that my phone logged for this call, it was : 0112052800212 at 3:12 pm today.

Read what you wrote.

Scammed Twice -... | December 5, 2015 | reply December 4, 2015 I was scammed by a company called "Rhombus Tech Inc." stating they were a reputable Microsoft Computer Support and I have been unable so far to get a phone number - their info shows "Private Name, Private Number" on CallerID. I can usually figure out which scammer is calling. This Is A Windows System Warning Voice They may be a real company, but what they are doing to scam people out of money is wrong.

Equally, sending a modification to the code to fix the problem is a useful addition to a bug report but not an adequate substitute for one. He said his name was Peter from Microsoft and that my computer was sending them error report messages and that he needed access to my computer to fix it. Remember also that if the program is free, then the author is providing it out of kindness, so if too many people are rude to them then they may stop feeling Check This Out They need to know what has gone wrong, and those error messages are the computer's best effort to tell you that.

If they didn't need it, they wouldn't be asking for it. I called the police and the only thing I could do was block their number. I've had it with this stuff. She has a love/hate relationship with social media and a bad habit of describing technology as "sexy." You Might Like Shop Tech Products at Amazon

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